Agrica 2 - Quadrocopter with Trichogramma Abwurftechnik for European corn borer control

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Agrica 2 - Quadrocopter with Trichogramma Abwurftechnik for European corn borer control

The Agrica 2 quadrocopter is a four-motor system carrier, which was designed primarily for the Trichogramma application. The extremely lightweight frame made of carbon fiber in conjunction with a very efficient drive train, results in an exceptionally good power to weight ratio. Flight times of up to 30 minutes are no problem and increase the area performance. This quadrocopter is supported by numerous assistance systems, which assist the pilot in flight or perform the entire flight operation autonomously.

The Agrica can be folded up for transport, so it fits easily in any trunk. On the rechargeable battery form find Lipo batteries of 6S 10,000 -12,000mAh space, these are attached with two straps and are easily interchangeable.

Functional design with minimal set-up time
Integrated FPV camera
Intelligent autopilot
10x faster as a hand application
Flexible flight routes
With our Mission Planner you automatically generate the right flight path for every acreage. Thanks to the high-precision PGS, the Agrica distributes the Trichogramma capsules precisely and is thus more effective than the application by hand. Usually the Trichogramma capsules are applied in a 10 x 10 M grid.
For large areas, use the car mode, the Agrica automatically turns at the field boundary and continues its flight route. For irregular or very small field pieces can be switched to manual operation during operation, thereby the pilot regains full control and can manually maneuver.

Mobile Ground Station APP
Easy editing of the flight route
Worldwide high-resolution satellite maps
Clear display of all important flight data
Wireless data transfer to the drone
Automatically convert the area data for the route
Access to Rotorscloud Agricultural Management Platform

Strong area performance with the TB1000 discharge module
Thanks to the TB1000 drop-off module, the Trichogramma capsules can be dropped very accurately. The tank offers a volume for up to 1000 Trichogramma capsules. Due to our "Auto Reverse System" blockages of Trichogramma capsules are excluded. Extensive operating and diagnostic data can easily be read out on a mounted LCD display. Operating data is archived and can be displayed at any time.

Reading the discharge data on the integrated display
Refill the Trichogramma by simply moving out of the container
Deadlocks excluded by "Auto Reverse System"
Use of balls from all manufacturers possible
Flexible use thanks to modular design

With an optional gimbal you can use the Agrica 2 in addition to the application for inspections or aerial photography.
The Agrica flight system is compatible with the DJI Zenmuse gimbal cameras and can therefore be used in addition to the Trichogramma application for inspection, thermography and photography.
The separately sold M600 adapter plate guarantees a quick change from TB1000 delivery system to the camera.

4x virtually maintenance-free high-performance drives
robust frame made of high quality carbon composite material
onboard location, GPS, compass and barometer sensors
Autopilot assistance and security systems
super bright LED lighting
Flight data recorder

In the Box:
1x Agrica 2 Quadrocopter
1x Trichogramma dropping technique
1x 1080W charger
1x 12000mAh 6S LiPo

Attention: To operate a tablet / smartphone is still required.

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