DJI Inspire 2 - CinemaDNG Lizenzschlüssel

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Dieser Artikel ist bei Globe Flight zu Ihrer Information gelistet. Inspire 2 Lizenzen können ausschließlich im DJI Store erworben und in Echtzeit mit Eingabe der Seriennummer des Inspire 2 aktiviert werden.

Inspire 2 CinemaDNG License Key

The CineCore 2.0 image processing system includes a high-performance video processor and a high-speed storage system that features a DJI CINESSD and an optimized FAT32/exFAT file system.
This allows the Inspire 2 to support CinemaDNG recording.
DJI License Keys unlock these advanced capabilities for high-level filmmaking purposes.

Inspire 2 License Key

An Inspire 2 License Key activates the usage permission of CinemaDNG inside CineCore 2.0.
There are many standards of CinemaDNG License Keys available for purchase.
Used with the DJI CINESSD and the optimized FAT32/exFAT file system, License Keys enable Hollywood-grade video formats to be captured for advanced post-production. 

Powerful Performance

Inspire 2 License Keys unlock 5.2K CinemaDNG recording for demanding shoots that require fine image control in post-production.

Format Comparison

Bitrate Comparison

Extraordinary Detail

Oversampling techniques are used to create higher resolution images from the original image recorded by the sensor, capturing more detail in every shot.

Ultra-Efficient Workflow

An efficient workflow is essential to video post processing.
With the Inspire 2?s CinemaDNG workflows, filmmakers are able to work with their footage more effectively, in turn making editing more efficient.
Using the optimized FAT32/exFAT file system, footage can be viewed directly on a computer once the DJI CINESSD is connected, eliminating the need for additional software and further streamlining post-production.

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