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DJI Modify Standard (1 device, Permanent)

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DJI Modify Standard (1 device, Permanent)

DJI Modify is DJI's first intelligent 3D model editing software. It features a streamlined and intuitive interface that makes it simple to complete model editing efficiently. Paired with a DJI Enterprise drone and DJI Terra, it forms a comprehensive solution from aerial surveying, modeling, and model editing to sharing these models easily to meet operational needs in surveying and mapping, firefighting, emergency response, and transportation.

  • Seamless workflow: DJI Modify can work with DJI Terra in a seamless workflow. In a DJI Terra modeling project, you can launch DJI Modify with one click for model editing. This achieves an efficient workflow between DJI Terra and DJI Modify
  • Streamlined interaction: Without the need for complex settings, DJI Modify supports fast import and export of model files and batch editing of multiple models, significantly reducing the model editing workload.
  • Efficient model repair: DJI Modify supports various editing functions such as floating parts removal, surface flattening, texture repair, hole fill, and water surface repair, providing well-edited models at high Efficiency.
  • Quick delivery: DJI Modify allows you to export model files in a variety of formats compatible with DJI Terra or third-party software, including ply, obj, and b3dm. Processed models can be quickly shared to the cloud.
  • Authorization modes: Online authorization is supported.

In a DJI Terra 3D modeling project, you can launch DJI Modify with one click for model editing for an efficient workflow and an end-to-end solution from modeling to model editing. In DJI Terra, enable the DJI Modify switch, and files for model editing will be automatically generated, including pre-identified objects and pre-processing of the model, so that you can complete model editing efficiently.

DJI Modify Standard (1 device, Permanent)

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