DJI S1000+ Octocopter
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The improved S1000+ continues the S800's story of success in the professional sector. It is a foldable octocopter which has been specially designed for high level professional aerial photography and cinematography. With a takeoff weight of less than 10kg, it can still easily carry a Canon 5D Mark II/III and a Zenmuse gimbal.


  • Ideal for larger cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II and III, but also for the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera
  • Takeoff weight of approx. 10kg
  • Folding carbon fiber landing gear
  • Foldable lightweight carbon fiber booms
  • Folding propellers
  • Compact carrying size
  • Ready for takeoff within a few seconds

Stable flying performance and safe operation

The S1000+'s V type mixer design provides large amounts of propulsion while improving power efficiency. Combined with a DJI flight controllers like the A2, it is guaranteed to remain stable even with the loss of a rotor.

Integrated into the center frame is a power distribution system using our patented coaxial cable connector. It is more efficient, reliable and easy to install and eliminates the need for soldering. Its main power cord uses an AS150 sparkproof plug and an XT150 plug, preventing creators from mixing up polarity when plugging in the battery and preventing short circuits.

All frame arms as well as the retractable landing gear are made from carbon fiber, ensuring light weight and high structural stability.

Professional octocopter with high payload

Weighing approximately 4kg with a maximum takeoff weight of about 10kg, the S1000+ can easily carry equipment as heavy as a 5D Mark III. Used with a 6S 15000mAh battery it can fly for up to 15 minutes.

All available Zenmuse gimbals are supported

The gimbal is mounted low on the frame on a specially designed bracket. When combined with our retractable landing gear, it offers a clear and wide shooting angle.

Gimbal and battery are mounted to the same bracket, with dampers placed between the bracket and the frame. This significantly reduces high-frequency vibrations and makes shots clearer and sharper. The battery tray's position also makes it more stable and convenient for mounting and dismounting.

Prepared for the DJI A2 flight control

Optimized for A2 wiring and installation, connecting an A2 flight controller and setting flight parameters is easy. The A2's antenna is kept away from any carbon fiber or metal, ensuring a better signal.

Portable and easy to use

All eight arms can be completely folded down and the folding propeller can be tucked away, minimizing the S1000+?s size for transportation.

To fly, simply lift the frame arms up, lock them in place with the red clips and power up the system. This greatly saves on pre-flight prep time.

Easy assembly

On the center frame there are 3 XT60 power sockets and 8 positions reserved for equipment installation, making installs easier and tidier.

Easy to control and great flying performance

Each frame arm is designed with an 8° introversive and a 3° inclination, making the aircraft more stable when rolling and pitching and more flexible when rotating. mEach frame arm has a built-in 40A electronic speed controller (ESC). When combined with its 4114 pro motor and high performance 15x5,2" folding propellers, each motor is capable of a maximum thrust of 2.5Kg.

 Diagonal Wheelbase  1045mm
 Frame Arm Length  386mm
 Frame Arm Weight (with Motor, ESC, Propeller )  325g
 Center Frame Diameter  337mm
 Center Frame Weight (with Landing Gear Mounting Base, Servos)  1520g
 Landing Gear Size  460mm(Length)×511mm(Width)×305mm(Height) (Top width: 155 mm)

 Stator Size  41×14mm
 kV  400rpm/V
 Max Power  500W
 Weight (with Cooling Fan))  158g

 Current  40A
 Voltage  6S LiPo
 Signal Frequency  30Hz ~ 450Hz
 Drive PWM Frequency  8KHz
 Weight (with Radiators)  35g

Foldable Propeller
 Material  High strength performance engineered plastics
 Size  15×5.2inch
 Weight  13g

Flight Parameters
 Takeoff Weight  6.0Kg ~ 11.0Kg
 Total Weight  4.2Kg
 Power Battery  LiPo (6S10000mAh~20000mAh, 15C min.)
 Max Power Consumption  4000W
 Hovering Power Consumption  1500W (at 9.5Kg Takeoff Weight)
 Hovering Time  15min (with 15000mAh and 9.5Kg Takeoff Weight)
 Working Environment Temperature  -10°C ~ +40°C


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