DJI Spark Alpine White Controller Combo

* Einzigartige Gestensteuerung für Flugbewegungen und Kamera
* Kamera in 2-Achs-Gimbal für stabilisierte Full HD Videos und 12MP Fotos
* 720p Bildübertragung, kompatibel mit DJI Goggles für FPV-Action
* Inkl. Flugakku, 3 Propellerpaaren, Ladegerät und Transportbox

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DJI Spark Alpine White Controller Combo

The ultimate selfie drone fromworld market leader DJI - with the smartest control of all times and a mechanical 2-axis gimbal for stabilized Full HD videos and 12MP photos!

The latest high-tech gadget from DJI sets a milestone with its incredible gesture control - Spark simply starts off your hand after the successful face recognition! It just needs simple movements of your hands to control for example circular flights around yourself, the flight distance or the photo shutter - perfect selfie videos and photos have never been so easy!

With the built-in 2-axis gimbal, the recordings are mechanically stabilized as known from much more expensive models. Optical positioning system, obstacle detection and many other flight modes complete the whole package.

Feature overview:

? Unique gesture control for flight movements and camera
? Face detection and automatic takeoff out of your hand!
? Camera in a 2-axis gimbal for stabilized Full HD videos and 12MP photos
? 720p image transmission, compatible with DJI goggles for FPV action
? GPS / Glonass, optical positioning system and obstacle detection
? Featherweight 300g take-off weight and only 143x143mm size with folded propellers
? Flight modes ActiveTrack, Tapfly and 4 brand new Quickshot features
? Range with optional remote control up to 500m, with smartphone about 50m height and 100m distance
? Flight time up to 16 minutes, the batteries can easily be recharchged via USB cable
? Horizontal or vertical panorama and bokeh blur effect can be activated

In the box:

1x DJI Spark
3x Propeller pairs
1x Remote Controller
1x Intelligent flight battery
1x Charger
1x Micro-USB Cable
1x Micro-USB C Cable
1x Transport box
1x Manual

Intelligent Flight Modes - Visual Intelligence

Video recording with one touch - Let the Spark make professional recordings for you. QuickShots help you to take impressive kinoreife shots.

The Spark rises while the camera is pointing downwards.

The Spark flies up and back, the camera remains focused on the target.

The Spark circles around the target.

The Spark flies in spirals around its target.

Fly made easy - Just imagine your recording and the Spark takes you off in TapFly.
Just tap on your target on the screen and the Spark uses its view sensors to fly directly there while it is active at the same time. Take pictures easily with few touches on the screen.

Just tap the screen and the Spark flies to the target at the same level.

Tap on the screen and the Spark flies in the appropriate direction.

Always focused on the target - ActiveTrack automatically detects objects with different shapes and sizes and tracks them in accordance with their speed. This makes tracking objects easy and reliable.

Follow your target from the front and back, or circle it around.

Follow your target from a fixed perspective.

Your moments - so-called "deep learning" allows the recognition of gestures and the taking of a photo with a simple hand movement. PalmControl lets you control the spark with hand movements. Leave your remote control at home.

Raise your arms, wave with your hand, or form a quad with your hands to control the spark and take pictures.

The Spark follows your hand movements and even lifts you off your palm.

High performance camera - Incredible pictures

Mechanical gimbal stabilization
The Soft 2-Axis Gimbal and UltraSmooth technology dramatically reduces vibration and roll-up shutter effects for detailed and stable shots.

Powerful lens
Discover the world - image capture with the Spark is sharp and vibrant, with minimal color deviations and distortions.
The camera of the Spark has an f / 2.6 wide angle lens with a focal length of 25 mm.
Five elements were arranged in a single group which was housed in a compressed housing.

1/2.3" Sensor
Even more detail - The small and compact camera of the Spark has a 1 / 2.3 inch CMOS sensor, for stabilized videos in 1080p and photos with 12 megapixels. Larger pixels allow greater sensitivity to light and more accurate color reproduction.

Various shooting modes

Varied photography

The Spark has all the previous recording modes and even offers two additional modes: Pano and Bokeh.

The Spark takes horizontal or vertical panorama shots by adjusting gimbal and direction accordingly.
The Spark uses 3D technology to take pictures with a bokeh effect.

Flight performance - Powerful and immersive

Speed and precise control
Due to its aerodynamic, light and stable design, the Spark shoots with minimal wind resistance through the air.
The gimbal and the camera are integrated into the case of the aircraft, which improves the stability immensely.
The powerful drive system ensures a stable flight at up to 50 km / h in sports mode * 2
An advanced flight controller provides a joyful and intuitive flight experience.

HD Wi-Fi video transmission
Wide range, more memories - Innovative HD Wi-Fi technology allows video transmissions in 720p, several hundred meters away * 3

Stay in the air
Flight time without compromise - Even with all its intelligent functions, Spark's flight time is unaffected. Fly with a full battery up to 16 minutes and take exciting shots. * 4

Flights in First Person View(FPV)
Immersive Fly - Use the sports mode to develop Spark's full potential. The sport mode automatically sets the gimbal mode to the FPV mode, so that the camera moves in accordance with the direction of the flight. For an even more immersive flight experience, the Spark is also compatible with the DJI Goggles. * 5

Flight security - fun and reliability

Improved perception - Spark's FlightAutonomy system includes the main camera, the visual positioning system, the 3D view system, GPS, high-precision IMU units and 24 powerful data cores.
This allows the Spark to float precisely in place, to detect obstacles up to 5 meters away and to land safely.

Automatic return function
Carefree flying - Like all newer models from DJI, the Spark also returns to the starting point with sufficient GPS signal.
If the battery is too low, the connection is interrupted, or the pilot presses the button to return automatically, the spark returns to the starting point while actively sensing obstacles.
The Spark's downward camera captures images from the ground of the starting point and balances them for a safe landing on their return.

Flight safety
Intelligent protection - The DJI GEO system always lets you know whether flights represent a safety risk, for example, near airports or stadiums.
DJI provides pilots with all the necessary information for a safe and responsible flight.

Intelligent Flight Battery
Power and Protection - The Spark uses LiPo batteries with very high power density, for optimum performance. Twelve intelligent security features ensure a safe flight. The batteries of the Spark automatically calculate the remaining flight time and let the pilot know when it is time to land.

*1. A propeller protection is recommended to use these functions.
* 2nd Remote control required (optional accessory).
* 3rd Without obstacles and interference, with remote control.
* 4th The estimated flight time is based on ideal conditions, at a constant speed of 20 km / h. Actual flight times may vary based on the flight environment.
* 5th Remote control required; Compatibility with DJI goggles coming soon


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