Dronavia - Geocaging module for Zephyr circuit breakers

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Dronavia - Geocaging module for Zephyr circuit breakers

Flying drones close to critical areas is no simple matter. The risk of a drone penetrating a restricted area is high. Zephyr CC and ScaleFlyt Geocaging is a secure drone containment solution compliant with the latest standards published by EASA (MOC2511). Zephyr CC & ScaleFlyt Geocaging is the most advanced ground-based risk reduction system in the SORA methodology, enabling the drone to operate safely in a complex environment.

Create Your Flight Zone
The Zephyr CC & ScaleFlyt Geocaging FTS module allows you to create a virtual cage representing the flight area of your drone in order to fly your missions in complete serenity. Thanks to the compatibility between Geocaging system and our FTS Systems, if the drone leaves the flight envelope, the engine switches off automatically, ensuring that your drone stays within the Limits you have set.

Get Live Alerts, take back Control
The Zephyr CC & ScaleFlyt Geocaging FTS module will alert you if your drone approaches the limit of the flight zone too closely and risks crossing it. You can then correct ist trajectory. If necessary, this module, coupled with the drone FTS, will automatically shut down the engine and alert you.  

Unlock your most complex Flight Missions
The Zephyr CC & ScaleFlyt Geocaging solution can be used, for example, to secure out of sight flights (BVLOS) for drones used in inspection, agriculture, surveillance, events or even the air corridors dedicated to drone transport. Recently conforming to MOC2511 published by EASA, this module was used to ensure the safety of Europe´s largest drone show.

An application to manage your flight cages
To reduce activation time and increase the chances of avoiding a crash and accident, Kronos parachute systems incorporate autonomous deployment Technology. This module triggers the parachute in less than 0,27 seconds, compared with around 3 seconds for a human trigger. Stay one step ahead and fully focused on your flight missions.

EASA MOC 2522 compliance
Dronavia is proud to be the first manufacturer to provide a system that is compliant the MoC Light UAS.25 published by EASA, an essential compliance in the development of a SORA. This essential compliance in the development of a SORA (Special Operations Risk Assessment) ensures that our customers have the best Risk Management and safety measures for their special operations, while staying ahead of future European Standards. The MOC 2511 is sufficient to meet the requirements of part 9.  

Fully independant System
If the drone loses ist radio Signal, the Dronavia System remains operational. If the link between the Klick remote Control and your FTS is lost, the drone´s motors will not stop.

Module wirelessly connected to your FTS & Dronavia parachute
To make your safety System compatible, simply link your Geocaging module to your existing FTS and parachute. The experts at Dronavia make it quicl and easy. Once paired, all you to do is Position it on the drone, prepare its flight Zone and then send the cage to the module using a USB dongle.
If the Geocaging System module is triggered, your FTS and parachute will be activated.


  • 110 grams only
  • 5V Power Socket
  • ∞ trigger range
  • 0,27 sec trigger time
  • 35 x 72 x 70 mm dimensions
  • -25° / 40° working temperature

Dronavia - Geocaging module for Zephyr circuit breakers

2.363,48 €