Dronavia - Parachute System Kronos for DJI Inspire 3

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Dronavia - Parachute System Kronos for DJI Inspire 3

The Kronos I3 plug & play parachute recovery system for the DJI Inspire 3 makes your flights safer by slowing your drone's rate of descent and impact energy in the event of a problem. The parachute can be triggered automatically or manually using the Klick trigger remote Control.

C5 Class & MOC M2

The C5 accessories kit (PRS & FTS) allows the operator to go directly from the original C3 class to the EASA C5 class. The parachute also complies with the MoC Light-UAS.2512 (M2) published by EASA. These compliances are essential requirements for drone operators wishing to perform STS-01 flight operations or when developing an SORA or PDRA.

Parachute Recovery System
The result of more than 8 years of reasearch and innovation. The Kronos I3 Systems for DJI Inspire 3 is designed to offer professional drone operators safety solutions that are quick to implement, easy to re-use with POD system and comply with the latest European standards published by the EASA (C5 / MOC M2 / MOC 2511).

Clip, Lock & Fly!
Dronavia is proud to introduce its new POD system integrated into Kronos parachute recovery systems. After deploying the parachute, the operator simply unscrews the old POD and then screws a new POD onto the parachute system. This simplified rearming process ensures that operators can safely take off again in just a few minutes, without compromising their flying missions.

Stay Focus on your Job
To reduce activation time and increase the chances of avoiding a crash and accident, Kronos parachute Systems incorperate an autonomous deployment technology. This module triggers the parachute in less then 0,27 seconds, compared with around 3 seconds for a human trigger. Stay one step ahead and fully focused on your flying missions.

Keep Flight Efficiency
Thanks to its connection to the drone, the Kronos Inspire 3 parachute has unlimited autonomy, enabling it to carry out even the longest Flight missions. Weighing just 376 grams, it´s also designed to be as light as possible, allowing you to carry other accessories without impacting on your flight performance.


  • 376 grams only
  • 5 hours of autonomy (∞ if connected witf FTS)
  • 2 kilometers of range
  • 0,27 sec autonomous deploiment trigger time
  • 30 meters minimum height of effectiveness
  • -5° / 40° working temperature
  • 3m² of canopy surface
  • 3.37 falling speed in m/s
  • 24 joules average energy on Impact

Flight Termination System
Our new plug and Play Flight Termination System KRONOS has been designed to enable remote pilots to stay focused on their flying missions. The system can be installed in less than 2 minutes, and is installed between the batteries ant the drone. With MOC M2511 compliance, you`ll be flying with the best risk management and safety measures in place during your missions.  


  • 78 grams only
  • ∞ Unlimited autonomy
  • 2 Kilometers of range
  • 0,27 sec trigger time
  • 7,5 x 9 x 2 cm dimensions
  • -25° / 40° working temperature

Dronavia - Parachute System Kronos for DJI Inspire 3

3.271,51 €