FY-40A 3-axis model airplane stabilization system
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FY-40A has an integrated three-axis gyro and three-axis accelerometer which controls the aircraft movement in three-dimensional space. It is perfect for rookie pilots, 3D pilots and for relaxed FPV flying. By using your remote control, the unit can be turned on or off for the following functions:

Mode 1: Deactivated Mode
In this mode, the FY-40Aauto stabilization is turned off. The aircraft is completely under pilot control.

Mode 2: Stabilized Mode
Level flight is automatically maintained, making flight simple, especially for beginners. If a pilot feels the plane is out of control, simply reduce input control and the plane will automatically recover level flight.

Mode 3: 3D Mode
If no input is given by the pilot (all sticks in the middle position), 3D mode will lock the current aircraft attitude. Therefore the aircraft can be easily maneuvered to complete a variety of 3D flight with added stability & smoothness. 

Supported aircraft : 1.
  1. Normal / Traditional fixed-wing planes
  2. Delta-winged plane with rudder
  3. Delta-winged plane without rudder
  4. Plane without aileron
  5. V-tail plane with aileron
  6. V-tail plane without aileron

Technical data:
Supported servo output : 50Hz refresh frequency
Recommended Transmitter : PCM or 2.4GHz with minimum 5 channels
Working Voltage Range : DC 4.8V~5.5V (0.05A@5V, Powered by ESC)
Operating Temperature : -20°C ~ 50°C
Max Gyro Angular Velocity : 2000°/s
Weight&Dimensions : FY-40A 17g (45mm x 30mm x 9 mm)


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