Flir Tau2 640

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Manufacturers : FLIR

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FLIR Tau2 640

Tau2 thermal imaging cameras offer an unmatched set of features, making them well-suited for demanding applications like Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs), thermal sights, and handheld imagers.
Improved electronics provide powerful image processing modes that dramatically improve detail and contrast.

Its options include full radiometry, increased sensitivity (<30mK), and 640/60Hz frame rates.
Since the Tau 2 640 and 336 configurations share electrical functions, common integrations can be designed that work seamlessly with both formats.

Loaded with features - ready for more
Advanced electronics and image processing give Tau an unprecedented feature set, and make it ready for your next big idea.

Powerful Imaging provides expanded capability
Tau 2's expanded capability ensures accurate temperature measurement for radiometry, analytics and telemetry. INFORMATION-

Based histogram equalization (HEQ)
HEQ automatically adjusts image contrast to let you see what matters most in a scene, and give you the image detail that makes a difference.

In the box: 1x Tau2 camera

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