Gremsy gStabi H7 Ecofly Kopter Gimbal
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Hersteller: Gremsy

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GREMSY - Die neue Top-Marke für flexibel einsetzbare Handheld / Aerial Gimbals!

Gremsy gStabi H7 im Ecofly Set als reines Aerial Gimbal.


  • Gremsy gStabi H7
  • Quick Release
  • 2 Akkus
  • Ladegerät


  • gMotion Controller, designed and made by Gremsy, based on a 32 bit ARM high speed microprocessor providing super fast response and accurate calculation.
  • Encoder ? Ultra high resolution up to 0.005 degree- world?s most highest resolution available in gimbal market
  • IMU sensor ? Ultra accurate with temperature compensation and calibration.
  • Auto Tuning Feature ? one touch gains optimal settings
  • Built-in stand
  • Battery running time up to 8 hours
  • Simple 5 minutes setup & Balance
  • Quick release top handle to connect/disconnect handle in seconds
  • Dual-operator configuration with remote controls (SBUS or SPEKTRUM).
  • Friendly and intuitive GUI working on multiple platforms: WINDOWS, MACOSX, iOS, Android.
  • Holds camera and lens combinations up to 7 lbs / 3,18 kgs
  • Motion control on an ipad apps allows natural pan, tilt and roll.
  • Cameras supported: DSLRs, A7s, GH4, BMPCC, BMCC, C100/300...

Quick Release System. Toolless adjustment.
Changing the set up for different cameras configuration is quick and simple thanks to toolless adjustment having in the balancing mechanism. Circular quick release system allows to switch gimbal from handheld to a copter in a matter of seconds.

Built-in stand.
Clever design of built-in stand allows the ease of transportation and the convenience of not using the separate stand. The whole gimbal and built in stand can be folded down to fit into a small backpack

3 flexible operations.
GREMSY H3 offers 3 operations suitable for various conditions: NORMAL, SUITCASE and INVERTED.

Ultra accurate IMU sensor.
Precisely calibrated. Innovative auto bias tracking algorithm improve gyro bias stability over time.

High performance gimbal controller.
The heart of the gimbal is gMotion Controller, designed and made by Gremsy based on a 32 bit ARM high speed microprocessor providing fast response and accurate attitude estimation. Sensor data and motors correction are updated as fast as 2000 times per second in order to enable incredibly smooth footage.

Powerful precision direct drive motor.
Custom designed hollow shaft and high torque brushless motor coupled with ultra high resolution encoder provide highest levels of accuracy.
High resolution encoder 0.005º
Motor Hollow Shaft



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