JLIdrone - DJI M300 Hybrid Spotlight T70

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JLIdrone - T70 Hybrid Zoom Floodlight

The T70 Hybrid Zoom Floodlight is a zoom floodlight with a five-eye light source.

-Luminous flux of 10000 Lumens
-Effective illumination at a distance of more than 400 meters
-Supports 2 ° / 20 ° zoom, can cooperate with zoom cameras to freely switch between illumination distance and illumination area
-Three-axis pan tilt
-360 ° light control
-support double pan-tilt linkage
-Support brightness adjustment
-strong light flash and other modes
-Integrated fanless shroud
-efficient heat Dissipation
-IP45 waterproof and dustproof


Emergency response/search and rescue
Strong and stable lighting is the key factor for the smooth operation of nighttime emergency
rescue operations. The T70 provides multiple lighting modes for formulating and developing rescue plans.

Infrastructure/facility repair and maintenance
Large area, movable and multi-angle aerial lighting for nighttime troubleshooting and emergency repair of power lines or oil pipelines, improves emergency repair efficiency and reduces outages.

Public safety
It provides a flexible controllable light source for law enforcement to perform the tasks of investigation and evidence collection, urban patrol and fugitive pursuit. At the same time, the 2° laser telephoto lens can acquire and automatically track the target. The powerful light explosion and flashing light can be used for warning and deterrence.

The T70 supports the combined zoom. It can provide multi-angle illumination after a fire to assist firefighters in scene reconnaissance, firefighting and rescue operations. At the same time, the 2° laser telephoto lens can provide escape route instructions for disaster victims.


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JLIdrone - DJI M300 Hybrid Spotlight T70

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