LP360 Drone Software Package

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LP360 Drone Software Package

Drone LiDAR and photo processing workflow made simple

  • Intuitive workflow
  • Multi-flight import and processing
  • GIS interface allowing combination with other geospatial data
  • Powerful point cloud visualization with multiple and synchronized windows

Process and improve quality of your DJI L1 data
LP360 Drone enhances data from your DJI (P1, L1, P4 RTK, M200 RTK, Zenmuse X4S, and X7S). We start where DJI Terra software ends. Produce final deliverables, including DTM, one-foot contours, classified point cloud, and volumetrics. Step-by-step workflow to:

  • Manage extensive list of coordinate systems
  • Separate LAS files by flight lines
  • Strip align for geometric correction (optional add-on)
  • Smooth data • Add GCPs for data QC
  • Access other tools of LP360 Drone

Improve your data quality

  • Strip align your data for geometric correction (optional add-on)
  • Smooth your data to increase precision

Manage your coordinate systems

  • Extensive list of coordinate systems available
  • Allow datum transformation including epoch change
  • Allow reprojection
  • Local site calibration
  • Grid to ground

Leverage your photos with Drone Image Explorer tool

  • Explore your data
  • Find conjugate images
  • Make true measurement on your photos

Simplify workflows into CAD software

  • Generate and validate breaklines, enhancing surface for CAD applications
  • Reduce dataset for CAD applications
  • Export data into CAD software with various CAD formats available

Process your data collected with TrueView and Microdrones sensors
For TrueView and Microdrones sensors, LP360 Drone takes raw flight data and generates colorized, georeferenced 3D LiDAR point clouds. Geotag the imagery collected to create highly accurate orthomosaics. Process without the need to employ other software applications, reducing workflow complexity and time.

LP360 Drone
This is the core product for drone geospatial data workflow. Transform your LiDAR and imagery data with visualization, quality check, classification, 3D editing, and analysis capabilities. It includes the features below.

Strip Align (Add-On)
Remove misalignment errors from your LiDAR data

  • Fixes dynamic errors between strips to improve consistency and alignment between scan lines
  • Set up and dispatch strip alignment in LP360 Drone
  • Fully compatible with DJI (P1, L1, P4 RTK , M30), TrueView, and Microdrones sensors

Cloud Photo (Add-On)
Photogrammetry add-on in the cloud

  • Photogrammetry processing powered by GPU optimized cloud services (3000 photos included)
  • Includes Fast Photo add-on features
  • Additional cloud data allowance available

LP360 Drone Software Package

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