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Parrot Sequoia Multispectral Camera

Weighing only 107 grams, Sequoia is a powerful sensor in a remarkably small package. This camera features four narrowband filters optimized for analyzing crop health and a 16 MP RGB imager for easy digital scouting. Sequoia's irradiance sensor and integrated GPS make it an accurate and calibrated tool for precision agriculture.

Featuring excellent presision,flexible integration and small size and weight,the Sequoia sensor is designed tofit all types of drones:
Fixed wing and multirotor drones, with or without gimbal.

Get the most of data captured with Sequoia using ATLAS, MicaSense's cloud-based data processing and analytics platform.

Key Features
  • Multispectral camera for agriculture
  • RGB camera 16Mpx forscouting
  • High photo rate (1 picture per second)
  • Independent from the drone
  • Standard protocol (PTP) for communication with drones
  • USB powered

General Specification


  • 4 spectral cameras 1,2 Mpx 10 bits Global shutter
  • Up to 1FPS
  • RGB Camera 16 Mpx Rolling shutter
  • Configuration over Wi-Fi
  • IMU + Magnetometer
  • 64 GB
  • Power consumption 5W (~12W peak)
  • Weight 72g

Sunshine sensor

  • 4 spectral sensors with the same filters as the body
  • GPS
  • IMU +  Magnetometer
  • SD Card
  • Power consumption 1W
  • Weight 35g

In the box:

  • Camera Body
  • Sunshine Sensor
  • 32GB SD Card
  • Cables
  • Hardcase
  • Manual


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Sequoia White Paper

Artikel zur Verwendung der Sequoia und Auswertung der Daten der Spektralsensoren im Allgemeinen

Sequoia White Paper
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