PolarPro - DJI Phantom 4 Cinema Series Vivid Collection Filter (ND4/PL+ND8/PL+ND16/PL)
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PolarPro - DJI Phantom 4 Cinema Series VIVID Filter 

  • Cinema Series Multi-Coated Glass for pristine optics
  • Precisely engineered for the DJI Phantom 4 camera
  • AirFrame construction ensures ultra-light design for smooth gimbal operation
  • Shutter Collection Includes: Rotatable ND4/PL Filter, ND8/PL Filter, ND16/PL Filter
  • Limited edition color 
  • PolarPro Lifetime Warranty - Filters are guaranteed to outlast your drone

Limited Offer: PolarPro Site Only-Free Filter Case

The PolarPro VIVID Collection Filter 3-Pack is part of a new Cinema Series line, using the highest-grade glass and coatings on the market.
The Cinema Series is for pilots who demand the absolute best.
The VIVID Collection for the DJI Phantom 4 contains rotatable ND4/PL, ND8/PL, and ND16/PL filters for reducing the cameras shutter speed, removing glare, and increasing color saturation.
Each filter is precisely manufactured with PolarPro's AirFrame design making each filter ultra-light for smooth gimbal operation.
The Cinema Series VIVID Collection for the Phantom 4 comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing it will last longer than your drone.

Cinema Series Glass

PolarPro's filter collection using the highest end glass and coatings available for pilots who demand the best.
Cinema Series glass has high light transmission and a lower refractive index. 

Airframe Construction

PolarPros filter design specifically designed for aerial filming.
The ultra-light construction utilizes a precision threaded aircraft aluminum frame for smooth gimbal operation.

The Cinema Series-Vivid Collection includes: 

ND4/PL Filter

This filter reduces the cameras shutter speed by 2 f-stops and polarizes light.
We use this filter most often when filming at dusk or dawn, or on cloudy days. 

ND8/PL Filter

The ND8/PL for the Phantom 4 will reduce the cameras shutter speed by 3 f-stops which makes this the perfect filter for partly cloudy days.
The build in polarizer reduces glare and increases color saturation. 

ND16/PL Filter

This is our go to filter when it is sunny out.
It reduces the shutter speed by 4 stops and polarizes the scene for capturing vivid colors even on bright sunny days.

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ND PL Filter... 5 from 5
., 01.08.2016

Fits on my Phantom 3 4K and seems to be of a good quality and it is easy to change...
(The Phantom 3 original UV filter needs to be taken off with a glove of rubber or nitrile. Sits very tight.)

René, Denmark

Total entries: 1
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