QYSEA - Fifish V6 Unterwasserdrohne mit 4K UHD Kamera
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Artikelnummer: 4994

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Hersteller : QYSEA

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QYSEA - Fifish V6 Unterwasserdrohne mit 4K UHD Kamera

Lieferumfang 100m Version:

1x Fifish V6
1x Fernsteuersender
1x 100m Kabel
1x Kabeltrommel
1x Ladegerät ROV
1x Ladegerät Sender

Discover the undiscovered
With all directional freedom and portable design, FIFISH V6 has bring the revolutionary point of view for underwater photography and filmmaking.


  • Underwater Filming
  • Ocean Exploration
  • Recreational
  • Aquaculture
  • Underwater Operation
  • Public Safety & Law Enforcement

V6 is nimble and omnidirection (6 DOF) even move sideways.

Free Rotation
V6 is capable to rotate in any angle with 0 gravity mode.

Motion Combination
The unlimited agility beyond the imagination, any combination between moving and rotating is possible for V6.

Posture Locking
V6 is capable to lock in any posture while moving.

Outstanding underwater images

  • 4K UHD in 30 fps
  • f/2.5 Aperture
  • 120 fps for slow motion
  • H.265 provide sharp in details
  • RAW in DNG for post-editing
  • 166° FOV

Special designed lens for low light conditions, especially in underwater environment.

Powerful LED
4000 lumen sunlight technology gorgeously recreates the natural image.

True color
The true color algorithm in Fifish App makes each post crystal clear and bright
VR Smart Control

World's first motion sensor headset we have ever designed that allows you to rotate the drone underwater seamlessly and intuitively.

The Fifish goggle activated a real-time view that gives you an immersive experience in the ocean.

We use HD display to make sure everything true to color and brilliant.

Fifish Smart ControllerThe ergonomic design provide comfort and accurate control expriences for FIFISH user.

  • Attitude/Sport/Combined mode
  • HD LIVE-Stream via Wi-Fi
  • HDMI Output
  • -10? to 60? operating temperature

Fifish App
It has underwater filters and multiple soundtracks to help you edit the film like pro.

  • Editing
  • Soundtrack
  • Color restoration
  • Instant Sharing



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