Roboterwerk - Selfie Mavic Air 2 Dual LED 110 Lumen, tiltable

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Roboterwerk - Selfie Mavic Air 2 Dual LED 110 Lumen,  tiltable

In poor light, even the best drone camera does not deliver usable results. Recordings in twilight or even at night require artificial light sources. For this we have developed a professional lighting system that is precisely tailored to your drone. It consists of 2 lightweight LEDs, each with 55 lumens, and supports made of weight-saving aircraft aluminum. Due to the low weight there are hardly any restrictions on the duration of the flight.

The SELFIE Mavic Air 2 Dual robot factory lighting system makes your drone even more innovative. The bracket with the spotlights helps you to get the best pictures even in poor light conditions. The energy supply of the drone is not burdened because the lighting system works independently with its own batteries. Two spotlights with a total output of up to 110 lumens ensure increased visibility of the drone and improved illumination for photos in poor lighting conditions. You can also depict close subjects such as selfies much better at night or during twilight.

The lighting duration provides light for an entire drone flight. Simple charging via USB micro cable (not included), even when you are out and about (e.g. using a power bank) quickly provides power for the lighting.

Legally, drones must always be flown within sight. With the help of the SELFIE Mavic Air 2 Dual lighting system, this distance can be extended considerably. You can fly safely, longer and farther even in poor light conditions. Due to the lightweight construction of this lighting system based on aircraft aluminum, high-strength stainless steel and its own energy supply, regardless of the drone battery, you get an optimal flight time. The weight of our lighting system has only a very small effect on the maximum flight time of your drone (7% -9%). Our lighting system was developed in such a way that there is no impairment of the sensitive sensors.

More Information:

  • These LED spotlights are perfect for taking great selfies even in twilight or for illuminating close subjects during night flights. The light extends the limits of the flight considerably, the drone remains visible for miles.
  • Each lamp shines with 55 lumens (i.e. 110 lumens in total) for about 1 hour and can then be easily recharged via micro-USB.
  • Individually tiltable LEDs ensure that light can be directed both forwards and downwards at the same time.
  • The elegant aluminum brackets are hung between the wings with non-slip rubber fastenings, where they do not interfere with the sensors or the flight behavior.
  • As of 2019, Roboterwerk will be offering two lighting systems (single and dual headlights) each with two different LED lights. Drone not included!

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1x Selfie Mavic Air 2 Dual LED 110 Lumen, tiltable

Roboterwerk - Selfie Mavic Air 2 Dual LED 110 Lumen, tiltable

59,95 €