T-Motor - Propellerpaar MF 1604 (CW + CCW)
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T-Motor - Propellerpaar MF 1604 (CW + CCW)

Hard Principle X Carbon

Propellers of light weight, durable density and small moment of interia

The Easy Choice
Clear naming convention lets you choose the most suitable propeller easily.

Original Technology
Continuous reform and improvement in injection-molding and hybrid technology of carbon fiber and polymer set a higher standard for X Cabon props.

  • 1,5 x Abrasion Resistance of Prop Surface
  • -3,5% Material Density
  • 2x Prop Strenght

Technology Behind X Carbon

CFD Fluid Simulation
The ideal aerodynamic interaction is achieved with the help of T-MOTOR propeller performance forecast program. The final propeller design came out from more than 10 candidates after comparsion on targeted working condition.

CAE Finite Element Analysis
Fluid-solid coupling technology is employed to analyze the structure by adding load distribution of fluid simulation onto the propeller for tangible monitoring over the condition of each part.

Topology Optimization Design
T-MOTOR attaches much significance to topology optimization technology structure simplification. A preffered design was obtained from specific strength scheme after CAE finite element analysis for infinite potential in limited space.

Energy-Snubber Technology
T-MOTOR Energy-snubber technology is adopted to the whole series to protect the motors when propellers are attacked by extreme impact.

Ideal Combination with T-MOTOR ALPHA ESCs and MOTORS
R&D team from T-MOTOR optimized the magnetic circuit design of the corresponding motors and ALPHA ESCs for superb experience from control of fast response.

Superior Texture
Meticulous treatment behind the propellers.
A 100.000-time folding test was carried out to ensure the craft and quality to the best of it.

In the Box:
1x Propeller CW
1x Propeller CCW
1x Parts Bag

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