TeAx - ThermalCapture Smart+

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Manufacturers: TEAX

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TeAx - ThermalCapture Smart+

ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom and ThermalCapture Smart+ combined are an EOIR system especially designed for the global drone industry. The system provides full access to IR/RGB  data in real time based on a Linux OS. Full radiometric instant processing is possible. The EOIR system supports any kind of AI approaches. An SDK (C++) is available and operators have full control over the system to apply their algorithms.

Top Features

  • AI-ready - Apply complex algorithms to data
  • Computing Power - Full Linux based on NVIDIA TK1
  • Real-time access - Instant processing of IR and RGB data
  • Visual Zoom - 10x times optical zoom
  • Alignment -Thermal + RGB
  • Overlay -Thermal + RGB
  • Digital -Radiometric data


Processing & Computing
Hardware: NVIDIA TK1 processor  Software / OS: Ubuntu Linux, TC-SDK (C++)

Additional I/O & Interfaces
HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, Micro-SD

AI-ready platform. Support for
Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, etc.

110x100x20 mm 4.33x3.94x0.79 in

210 gram 0.46 lb

Data output
SD card HDMI / AV (PAL)


Thermal sensor (Fusion Zoom)
FLIR Tau 2 640, 19mm Resolution 640 x 512 pixel

Thermal sensitivity
0.05K (performance grade) or 0.03K (industrial grade)

Visual sensor (Fusion Zoom)
TAMRON 1080p, 10x optical zoom Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel

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