Thermal Cameras

Various thermal imaging cameras for UAV systems, stationary applications or integration into existing systems.
We offer you the option of equip multirotors, VTOLs, fixed-wing drones or stationary facilities with thermal imaging technology with a wide range of thermal cameras.

Find out more about the advantages of working in the infrared spectrum and help save lives, protect the environment and increase your productivity.


• Small, compact and inexpensive thermal imaging cameras for integration in various drone models.

Combined dual view cameras with thermal and RGB cameras as a powerful and convenient solution.

• Thermal camera gimbals for direct plug & play use on DJI drones of the Matrice series.

OEM components for developments and integration into existing systems.

• Cameras for research applications with maximum precision and data quality.

Designed for professional use, FLIR Vue Pro series...

The FLIR Duo Pro R combines the dual camera features of...

Get important information in real time with the XT2. By...

The Boson longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera module sets a...

Tau2 thermal imaging cameras offer an unmatched set of...

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