Trichogramma TB1000 Shedding Mechanism for Agrica 2 Quadrocopter

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Trichogramma TB1000 Shedding Mechanism for Agrica 2 Quadrocopter

The Trichoblitz (TB1000) dropping system allows easy application of Trichogramma capsules over corn growing areas.
The Trichoblitz is mounted just below the drone and connected via a signal line with the existing flight control.
When designing our dropping system, we put special emphasis on high reliability and a low power-to-weight ratio of the system. The "Auto Reverse System" excludes blockages of the Trichogramma.

TB 1000 dropping module
The proven RANGE ROTORS TRICHOBLITZ dropping system for Trichogramma capsules convinces with its low weight and maximum filling capacity.
Depending on the Trichogramma manufacturer, the TB1000 offers space for up to 1000 Trichogramma balls.
Due to the ingenious separation mechanism, blockages of the Trichogramma are excluded.

Technical specifications
Dimensions: 378x167x190
Curb weight: 650g
Material: ABS, PET
Volume: 5.5l

reading the discharge data on the integrated display
integrated ultra-bright status LED
Compatible with BIOCARE, AMW and FENACO Trichogramma capsules
Technic TB1000

The container is mounted with retaining adapters adapted to the drone. Since the TB1000 does not have its own GPS, the signal is taken to the discharge via the flight control. Most flight controllers on the market can output a short 5V pulse after a set distance of travel, which is normally used to trigger cameras.

The following flight controls are tested:
3DR Pixhawk *
Mikrokopter *
discharge data

Discard data can be read out and function settings can be adjusted via the control panel.
An integrated two-line display provides information about level and number of already used balls.

To supply the powerful servomotor and the integrated circuits, a power supply of 5V at min. 2A provided. For safety reasons, the power supply should be disconnected from the flight control.

The TB1000 accepts the following signals for release

3.3 - 5V pulse, length 0.1 - 0.5 seconds
PWM (trigger value adjustable)
* When operating on non-DJI controllers, a free channel is additionally required at the transmitter / receiver

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