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DJI Skyport - Viewpro Z40 - 25x Zoom 4K (40x Zoom 1080p)

Professional 3-axis High-precise FOC Program
Stabilizing the Z25K is a highly optimized 3-axis camera gimbal with pinpoint-precise motor rotation with a control accuracy of ±0.02° powered by a dedicated processor. Rather than rely on electrical slip rings - as is common with many gimbals - the Z25K uses a unique mechanically limited design and concealed wires to ensure more stable data transmission and greater durability. Vibration is eliminated using four damping balls and a lightweight damping board. creating seamlessly smooth video. 360°rotation remains possible through gimbal rotation. Stable. smooth footage image can be captured even when flying at high speed flight.

25x HD Zoom Camera
Powered by Panasonic 1/2.3" CMOS module, the camera has 25.90 mega effective pixels, supports 25x optical autofocus and 4K@25FPS or 1080p25 video, fast auto-focus speed ,small size,designed for UAV aerial photography. The video output 1080p60FPS HDMI HD signal for the wireless transmission.

Object Tracking
Build-in normalization, cross-correlation and tracking algorithm, combining with object missing recapture algorithm, achieve stable track of the target. Support custom characters of user OSD, adaptive gate, cross cursor, trace information display. The tracking speed is up to 32pixel/frame,-
object size range is from 160*160 pixel, with the minimal signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) 4dB, the mean square root values of pulse noise in the object position < 0.5 pixel, which greatly improve the accuracy and tracking effect.


Mainly supply in millitary and police law enforcement, fire-fighting, power tower and pipeline inspection, search and rescue ect. A wide range of monitoring and searching is required in an emergency to quickly transfer the situation, improve response efficiency and reduce casualties.


Tilt/Roll/Pan +-90° / +-85° / +-150°
Vibration angle Tilt/Roll: +-0.02°, Pan: +-0.03°
Camera spec
Imager Sensor   Panasonic 1/2.3inch CMOS
Lens   F=4.08~81.6mm
Zoom   Optical zomm: 20x iA zoom: 25x(4k)/40x(FHD)
Effective pixel     25.9MP
Record effective picel 4k:8.29MP / FHD:6.10MP (16:9)
Optical Image Stabilization    5 axis Optical Image Stabilization
Record shutter speed (Manual)    1/30 ~ 1/8000
Picture shutter speed (Manual)  1/2 ~ 1/2000
Min object distance   10mm (wide end) to 1200mm (tele end). Default 300mm 1080p mode: 63.7° (wide end) ~ 2.3° (tele end)
Horizontal viewing angle 720p mode: 63.7° (wide end) ~ 2.3° (tele end)  SD: 47.8° (wide end) ~ 1.7(tele end)
Camera Object Tracking (Optional)
Update rate of deviation pixel    50Hz
Output delay of deviation pixel   <15ms
SNR     4
Object size range    16*16 pixel ~ 160*160 pixel
Other Spec

Working voltage
Net Weight


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