viDoc RTK Rover

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viDoc RTK Rover

The future of single point measurement with 3D scanning

Use your smartphone with the PIX4Dcatch mobile app to capture the object. Add an RTK device to improve your accuracy.

Automatically upload your images to PIX4Dcloud for seamless processing OR import your images from your phone to the PIX4Dmatic desktop app using the PIX4Dcatch processing template.

Export to CAD/BIM/GIS
Mark your assets in PIX4Dsurvey as vectors in the point cloud and export as DXF (for CAD) or SHP (for GIS).


The viDoc RTK rover with PIX4Dcatch:
Precise surveying with a mobile device

Simple workflow from field to completion
Easy digitisation with Pix4D software that can measure individual points or create lines from data Collection.

RTK positioning rover for 3D scanning
viDoc RTK rover is coupled with PIX4Dcatch to geotag images of the 3D scan in real time with NTRIP services

Improved mobile data collection
viDoc connects to over 600 channels (including all major constellations such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, etc.) resulting in convergence in less than 5 seconds.

Replacing complex workflows
Ground surveying equipment such as laser scanners can be expensive, bulky and highly technical. Drones can be restricted by regulations. Overcome these obstacles with a handheld rover.

A complete, accurate workflow in your hands
The viDoc, the smartphone, PIX4Dcatch and PIX4Dcloud. An end-to-end solution that provides measurements with an absolute accuracy of less than 5 cm.

Intuitive handling and structure
It's easy for anyone to collect points or perform an accurate 3D scan. The handheld rover is combined with mobile software to create digital twins as quickly as possible.

viDoc RTK Rover

3.570,00 € *