Agriculture Solution

"Smart & Precision Farming" - this term ranges from state-of-the-art technology of tractors for automatic operation using GPS and RTK to agricultural drones for various applications. We carry special agricultural drones that have been designed and adapted for agricultural use. In particular, applications such as in pest infestation, weed detection, undersowing or specialty crop application are popular applications.

State-of-the-art drone technology is making a decisive contribution to digitalization in the agricultural industry:

  • Information Retrieval
  • Field Analyses
  • Management
  • Process optimization
  • Environmentally friendly application and treatment

We will be happy to assist you in selecting the right drone system - specifically tailored to your application. 

Corridor damagen

Field damage is caused by wild animals as well as severe weather such as heavy rain, hail and wind breakage. The resulting damage has a direct impact on the yield of the farmland. Regardless of the cause of the damage, its documentation is necessary, especially for compensation payments.

Current drones with integrated camera systems provide each individual image with GPS coordinates so that ground personnel can investigate specific positions in a targeted manner. The georeferencing of the photos is also a fantastic basis for surveying software. It is possible to create a terrain model from many individual images and to measure damaged areas with centimeter precision. Various apps enable the fully automated scanning of predefined grids so that the desired area is covered without gaps and effectively. Furthermore, damage documentation by drone provides an optimal basis for replacement services or necessary follow-up treatments.

Advantages of using drones:

  • Fast and targeted recording of the damage
  • Lower appraiser costs due to professional preparation of data
  • Gapless and effective lying down of defined areas

Plant Research

Multispectral cameras can be used to determine different vegetation levels of plants. The captured data provides insight into the health status of the plants and helps in the proper management of the land. A combination of RBG and NDVI images allow a quick response for proper plant treatment. In addition, the recordings are used to create application maps and provide a sustainable analysis of the plots over several years and crop rotations.

In addition, high-resolution RGB images in conjunction with appropriate evaluation software provide an insight into the existing pest infestation (e.g. bark beetles). Based on the data collection, area- and also point-specific application maps can be created. Of course, we are also available as your drone technology partner for ecological and environmentally friendly pest control (e.g. corn borer).

Advantages of using drones:

  • Recording of plant vitality / vegetation index
  • Insight into the possible pest infestation
  • Sustainable analyses of the plots over several years and crop rotation
  • Basis for ecological and environmentally friendly pest control

Spraying and spreading

The evaluation of the plant status is an important basis for targeted irrigation or necessary treatment. Since expensive plant protection products only have to be used in partial sections instead of on the entire area, there is enormous savings potential here. The use of innovative spraying drones is particularly interesting in impassable terrain, such as in viticulture, because here the enormous time savings are added to the lower material input. Thanks to state-of-the-art electronics and sensor technology such as the radar system of the Agras, even sloping terrain can be flown over automatically at a constant height. The only work to be done by the pilot is limited to entering the start and end point, flight altitude, speed and path distance with spraying intensity. Accordingly, drones help by optimizing workflows so that agricultural tillage becomes even more economical and effective.

Advantages of using drones:

  • More economical and effective tillage
  • Enormous time saving
  • Intelligent and autonomous flying off predefined areas

Output of:

  • Catch crop
  • Undersown
  • Slug pellets
  • Trichogramma