Fire Fighting

Drones enrich and facilitate firefighting operations, such as large fires, wildfires or forest fires. From the air, the damage situation can be continuously observed, assessed and checked (e.g. for embers) with the help of zoom and thermal imaging cameras. In addition, firefighting operations or even emergency forces can be coordinated in a targeted and simplified manner. High-resolution photos and videos facilitate documentation and can be used for analysis.

Advantages of using drones:

  • Rapid situational awareness and assessment from the air
  • Measurement of heat signatures by thermal imaging cameras even in difficult visibility conditions such as smoke
  • Rapid coordination of the emergency forces

Situation overview / hazard detection

Particularly in hard-to-reach, remote or unsafe-to-walk environments, it is difficult to get an overview of the situation. The use of drones is ideal for reconnaissance of the surroundings or hazards. Even over long distances, details about potential sources of danger can be collected within a few minutes and information can be forwarded to emergency command vehicles (ELW). Particularly in the case of dangerous goods or hazardous substances such as critical gases, the use of drones from a safe distance is essential for the safety of emergency forces.

Advantages of using drones:

  • Quick situation overview
  • No danger for emergency forces
  • Exploration from a great distance

Search and rescue of persons

Fire departments, mountain rescue services, technical relief organizations and police rely on the use of drones with thermal imaging cameras to search for people. Due to the heat signature of the body, people are excellently recognizable from the air if the temperature difference is sufficiently large, so that the search for and rescue of people is particularly effective, especially in rough terrain. Likewise, it is possible to equip the drones with night flight lighting and to attach searchlights so that a search is also possible in the dark. Furthermore, an initial contact can be made by means of loudspeakers.

Advantages of using drones:

  • Search for persons by drones with thermal imaging camera (infrared)
  • Significantly less expensive than the use of helicopters
  • Can also be used quickly in rough terrain

Civil Protection

In the event of natural disasters such as floods, forest fires, avalanches or similar, optimal mission coordination can save lives. Irrespective of the often limited availability of helicopters, damage situations can be monitored and assessed quickly, easily and selectively. At the same time, drones represent a much more environmentally friendly alternative than the use of helicopters. Damage caused by environmental disasters can also be documented in a targeted manner.

Advantages of using drones:

  • Rapid deployment capability of drones can save lives
  • Optimal deployment coordination
  • Independence from limited available helicopters
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to helicopter operations

Wide range of applications:

  • High water / floods
  • Avalanche
  • Wildfires
  • Dam breaches / Dam checks
  • Landslides / Debris flows

Official monitoring

The use of drones is also highly interesting in official surveillance scenarios, such as border protection, surveillance or manhunts. Some of the devices are equipped with a special search mode that enables operations in the dark without revealing the drone itself. Night vision zoom cameras and dual thermal imaging cameras with zoom level make the operation a success even at long distances.

Advantages of using drones:

  • Search mode: perfectly camouflaged even in the dark
  • Search by means of night vision zoom as well as zoom thermal imaging cameras
  • Operations possible from a great distance
  • Effective monitoring of large areas

drone detection

Due to the increasing popularity of drones, the danger they pose is also increasing. The Aeroscope is an excellent platform for drone detection and drone defense. For example, it is an effective basis for countering terrorist attacks or espionage. In this context, the Aeroscope provides real-time information on the drone type, pilot position, flight status, paths, etc. of DJI drones.

Advantages of using drones:

  • Real time information
  • Cloud and API-based connection
  • Monitoring of a radius of up to 50 km
  • Integration into existing safety systems