Do I need a drone license?

With a take-off weight of < 250g no drone license is required in the EU.

However, registration of the pilot with the Luftfahrtbundesamt is mandatory. Likewise, the attachment of the electronic registration number (e-ID) by means of a badge is required.

Click here to register with Luftfahrtbundesam:

Here you can order your individual drone badge: In addition, the conclusion of a drone liability insurance is mandatory by law.

Basically, a distinction is made between two so-called drone operator licenses:

1. „small“ drone license (so-called EU certificate of competence A1/A3)

2. „large“ drone license (so-called EU remote pilot's certificate A2)

„small“ drone license (so-called EU certificate of competence A1/A3)

The basis of the EU drone operator licenses is the "small" drone operator license, which can be taken as an online exam on the website of the German Federal Aviation Authority (

Within the framework of an online training as well as a final online test, one can acquire the certificate of competence, which is valid for 5 years. It is important to mention that the training and the test can be repeated as often as desired and, with preparation, can also be successfully completed within a short time. The costs for this are currently 25€.

For drones in the category > 500 g but < 2 kg, the small drone license is sufficient, if only in the category OPEN A3 is to be flown - i.e. far away from people and with a distance of at least 150 m from residential, commercial, industrial or recreational areas. If these drones are to be flown closer to people or residential, commercial, industrial or recreational areas, the large EU drone license is also required (see below). Nevertheless, a minimum distance of 50 meters to uninvolved persons applies here.

„large“ drone license (so-called EU remote pilot's certificate A2)

Drone pilots who want to fly more complex applications or more demanding missions, also require the "large" EU drone pilot's license in addition to the "small" drone pilot's license. This EU Remote Pilot Certificate A2 is significantly more extensive and of particular importance, if the drone is to be used commercially or individual permits are required. In addition, the "large" drone pilot's license is also required, if you want to fly closer to uninvolved persons or fly drones in the A2 subcategory.

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Both the EU Certificate of Competency A1/A3 and the EU Corporal Pilot Certificate A2 are valid in all EU member states.