Energy supply

Wind turbines

Wind turbines and wind farms play an enormous role in Germany's energy transition. Innovative drone technology can be used for damage inspection, monitoring and preventive maintenance. So-called. UAVs facilitate optical and thermal inspection, so that lightning damage, damage to rotor blades, gearbox damage, fire damage or even electrical damage can be easily located. For both onshore and offshore wind turbines, inspections and maintenance always involve a great deal of effort. With the help of innovative drone technology, maintenance work can be planned more easily, downtimes reduced and consequently maintenance costs lowered.

Advantages of using drones:

  • Suitable for onshore and offshore wind turbines
  • Optical and thermal inspections
  • Detect and document damage in real time
  • Cost reduction through better planning, less downtime and less maintenance

Photovoltaic and solar systems

Drones with thermal cameras offer completely new ways of working for the inspection and control of solar and photovoltaic systems. Damage to modules or failures of individual elements or entire strings often go unnoticed for a long time. As a result, they cause economic failures and can provoke consequential damage under certain circumstances. Hard-to-access rooftop installations and extensive open spaces can be inspected quickly and efficiently for hotspots or string failures. For maximum performance and safety, intelligent drones perform flight missions fully automatically and sensor-supported.

Advantages of using drones:

  • Efficient detection of damage and failures
  • Optimized workflows for flight planning, data acquisition and data evaluation
  • Professional, precise and safe
  • Time-saving

Check your assets for:

  • Assembly errors
  • Hotspots
  • Diode errors
  • Glass breakage
  • Partial or complete failures
  • Anomalies in the connector
  • Pollutions
  • Hail damage
  • Shades

High voltage power lines

The height and vastness of overhead power lines present maintenance personnel with a difficult task. Thanks to high flexibility, coupled with maximum maneuverability and comprehensive safety, drones represent the perfect tool for operations on these installations. In particular, external influences such as lightning strikes, but also material fatigue, cracks in the material (WEC) or thermal abnormalities in the area of the generator can cause damage that can be easily identified with the help of drones.

Advantages of using drones:

  • Visual inspection possible during operation
  • No danger for human personnel 
  • Detect and document damage in real time