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DJI Care Enterprise Basic (M30T) Activation Code for 12 Months

1. Before purchasing DJI Care Enterprise Basic, please make sure that the DJI Care Enterprise Basic bound to your device has not expired yet.
2. To ensure that you can enjoy the service normally, DJI Care Enterprise Basic and the corresponding product must be purchased from the same country or region, and the service is only available in the country or region where the DJI Care Enterprise Basic was purchased.
3. The total maximum period of Care Enterprise Basic Service is 36 months (12 months included in the device package + another 2x 12 months with 2x this product)
3. A replacement fee of 890 € is required for using this service.

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  • SKU: 7105

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DJI Care- Keep flying

DJI Care is an effective, comprehensive warranty for your M30T offering you greater peace of mind every time you fly.
Here you can buy an activation code for the DJI Care Enterprise Basic service for M30T.
With the purchase you acquire the option to receive up to two replacement units ("new or good as new") for a defective unit (e.g. after a crash) if you pay an additional fee within 12 months.

Service fees:

  • 890 € for the replacement unit

The service applies to damages caused by e.g.:

  • User error
  • Interference
  • Collision 
  • Crash

Care must be activated timely at after your purchase, otherwise the claim for fulfilment will expire when your Care Basic period has ended.


  • The language on the activation page must be set to German and your device should be already registered with the Pilot app, otherwise an error message might appear during activation.
  • The landing page will only be displayed correctly in desktop browsers of a computer/laptop. Alternatively you can select "desktop view" in Chrome or Safari if you are using an Android or iOS smartphone/tablet.

Please see the terms and conditions on the DJI homepage:

Important notice:

You are only purchasing the activation code to register with DJI. Any service claims or services must be handled directly with DJI. After activation of the code, a revocation of the Care is no longer possible!

DJI Care Enterprise Basic (M30T) Activation Code for 12 Months

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