Drone armony for Mapping & Inspection

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Drone Harmony for Mapping & Inspection

is the only Full-3D programmatic data acquisition and flight management platform for commercial mapping and Inspection. It covers every critical aspect of professional data acquisition: site management, flight planning, flight execution, logs, metadata management, and image data management.

Drone Harmony is the perfect software companion for your DJI Enterprise drones, boosting their efficiency and enabling new use cases. Supported platforms include the Mavic 3 Enterprise, Mavic 3 Thermal, Matrice 30 Thermal, Matrice 300 RTK, and Matrice 350 RTK. 

Manage your sites, missions, logs, and Image data in one place. A comprehensive platform for managing data acquisition projects, planning missions, maintaining records of flight logs and metadata, and storing image data contextualized.

Elevate your capture workflow to 3D. Plan and execute complex drone captures with ease in a Full-3D user interface. Plan missions tailored to your custom 3D data and visualize missions intuitively.

Enable new capture use cases and simplify existing ones. Plan and execute automated missions for all possible mapping and inspection use cases: surveying, terrain mapping, hillside & hang mapping, mining, building & facade inspection, construction site mapping, roof inspection, tower inspection, extensive area mapping, linear infrastructure inspection, corridor mapping, solar inspection and more.

Put your GIS data to use in your drone projects. Base your drone workflow on your custom maps, terrain models, surface models, and shape data. Upload large data sets once and access them indefinitely from any web browser.

Full compatibility with DJI Enterprise drones. Supports flight planning, management, and execution for all DJI Enterprise drones, including Matrice 300 RTK, Matrice 350 RTK, Matrice 30 Thermal, Mavic 3 Enterprise, and Mavis 3 Thermal.

Native app for Smart Controller, RC Plus, and RC Pro. Easily installs on all DJI controllers. Optimized for performance and usability on built-in mobile devices.

Simple planning of complex flights and missions. The wealthiest 3D flight planning capabilities on the market in both web and mobile apps, including over 30 flight automated flight missions, 10 terrain-aware inspection and mapping missions,

Achieve better accuracy through active calibration techniques. Improve flight accuracy by employing position calibration tools based on user-defined points of interest.

Native Integrations with GIS data. Access essential GIS data layers with simple web and mobile app tools. Data integrations include Open Street Maps, Airbus & Google terrain models, and more.

Import your custom GIS data. Upload terrain & surface models (geotiff), custom maps (geotiff), shape files (KML, GeoJSON), and more.

The richest terrain-aware flight planning feature catalog. Plan terrain-aware missions based on custom terrain data or load terrain from high-quality sources such as the Airbus API.

Interact with terrain models like map layers. Uploaded terrains become layers in the app,  immediately accessible through the Drone Harmony cloud in any web browser.

Accumulate relevant GIS data for flight planning in one intuitive system. Created projects, uploaded terrains & map overlays, vector data, and image data are automatically stored in the cloud for easy access from any web browser, making collaboration on complex projects extremely easy.

Supports Phase One P3. Full support of the Phase One P3 payload with all its lenses.

Feature List

  • Map View, 3D View & Terrain View
  • Synchronized web app and mobile app for all DJI controllers
  • Over 30 automated missions for mapping & inspection
  • Site & project management
  • Automated log file synchronization
  • Automated image metadata file synchronization
  • Image gallery and cloud storage
  • Image-to-flight association for easy data management
  • 3D Flight review with full context: GIS data, flight logs, and captured images
  • Custom terrain data upload and terrain API access
  • Terrain data cloud storage and streaming
  • Custom map overlays
  • Weblog visualization
  • Automated log file upload to Airdata and DroneLogbook
  • Rich map tools for polygons, lines, and waypoint manipulation in 2D and 3D
  • KML, KMZ, and GeoJSON import for shapes
  • Open Street Maps interaction for building data
  • Points of Interest
  • Position calibration for improved flight accuracy
  • Geofences and No-Fly Zones
  • Unmanned traffic management data integration
  • Available in English and German

Drone armony for Mapping & Inspection

471,24 € *