Return to us

Please do not send any goods back to us without having contacted us first! This enables us to better allocate and process your return more quickly.

You can contact us by telephone on +49 9401 9498888 (selection 3) or use our contact form.

Please stamp your returns sufficiently, we cannot accept freight collect shipments. Please enclose the printed return slip with the parcel so that it is clearly visible. Please describe the reason and/or fault as precisely as possible. 

Complaints to DJI within the warranty period

For a smooth handling of complaints, we recommend sending DJI products directly to the manufacturer. DJI offers an efficient service that allows you to have your products repaired or replaced quickly. Visit the DJI service page via the link below to start the process. Please use your DJI App credentials to log in and process your request. DJI will make sure that you will soon be able to use your drones and other devices again without any restrictions.

For easy processing, please use your DJI App credentials to log in.


Telefon: +49 69 20001834


Repairs following a crash

DJI products whose warranty period has expired or which have been damaged through your own fault can also be repaired directly via the DJI Service Center be processed. 

None of the above options represent a restriction of your right of withdrawl. We merely provide information about further options and rights; the right of withdrawl is not changed by this information!