ShareUAV - 100M PRO Photogrammetry Camera for DJI M300 Series

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ShareUAV - 100M PRO

Extended Vision, lmmersive Reality
102 MP Medium Format Camera for Aerial Surveying

Superior Performance
Make the Most Of Every Flight

Equipped with a medium format sensor Of 43.8x 32.9mm, covering 1.7 times larger range than 35mm full-frame format. Images collected keeps a high level of color fidelity and reveal more details in highlights and shadows. Back llluminated CMOS makes no compromise the light reaching filter array, which helps to generate a better performance image.

Solid Fundation for DigitaI Twin Constuction
Millimeter-Level 3D Modeling

lmage performance of medium format sensor brings image quality,color reproduction,and resolution to the next level .A firm fundamental to construct high quality digital asset , embracing more vivid details in realistic 3D modelling.

RevoIutionary Seamless Aerial Surveying WorkfIow
In the same GSD requirement, 100M allows missions from a safer distance with the land coverage increased by 120% compared with the traditional full frame orthographic surveying camera.

Powered by SML
Lenses OptionaI Lenses Of 50mm,70mm,75mm are Available

SHARE S-ML lens is designed for professional aerial surveying with the leading optical technology, stable and wide FOV. Three lenses are assemblied by multi-aspherical lenses with distortion parameter smaller than 0.15% ,building a more precise model.

Versatile Platform Supported
Multiple Operation Mode Available for Diverse Mission

Needs Easy-to-detach DJIX-Port gimbal supported to comprehensively connect with DJI M300 RTK,Standard J30J universal circular connector bring-with and the voltage Of 12-50V .100M can be used for aerial surveying on fixed-wing aircraft.

Capture Finest Details
3D Data Acquisition in A Close Distance of 24 Meters

With the help Of gimbal and minimal focus distance 0f 24m ,data collected through 100M can realize the level of 1.8 m-level realistic 3D modeling.

Minimum Customized Shooting lnternal 1s /time
Minimal shooting internal 1s/time guarantees overlap rate requirement for data fixed-wing aircraft collecting in high-speed flight.

Extra for Drone 4K Video Shooting
More Than A Surveying Camera

SHARE 100M Pro supports 4K 30fps aerial videography for its medium frame sensor. 10-bit panel output makes full use of camera's big coverage range.

Elevated Productivity
Faster,Higher,Still NO GCPs Needed

Succeeding SHARE UAV’s mature technology of aerial surveying with no GCPs. 100 M can realize microsecond-level TimeSync 2.0 -synchronization. Real time accurate position data recorded through RTK, realizing data acquisition without GCPs needed in outsite mission.

Built-in TYPE-C3.0
Enjoy Flash Data lnput&Output

lnned with first self-designed 512GB data storage module with TYPE-C3.0 port. SHARE 100M Pro keeps a stable input transmission during data acquisition. With the assisstant Of SDM application, data processing can achieve a ultra high speed as fast as one click.


123*85*149mm (without gimbal) 166*207*177mm (with gimba and 50mm lens)

670g(without gimbal), 1045g(with gimbal)

Protection Rating

Aircraft Support
DJI M300 RTK, Third-party multi-rotor drone and fixed-wing

Aircraft Operating Temperature
-10℃ ~ 50℃

Storage Temperature
-20℃ ~ 55℃

External Power
DC 12-50V

DJI X-Port & J30J Universal Port

Effective Pixels
102 MP

43.8*32.9mm(Medium Frame); Pixel Size 3.76μm

Image Size
4:3 (11648×8736 px)

ISO Range

Shutter Speed


Shooting Interval

Parameter Adjuster
DJI Pilot/Bluetooth Application

Data Storage
Integrated Data Storage Module

Working Mode
Flight Controller Trigger/Isochronism Trigger/Isometry Trigger

Image Transmission
Live-View Image Transmission

Focal Length


Shooting Distance

Video Formats

Video Size

Frame Rate

3-axis (Pitch Yaw Roll)

Mechanical Range
Pitch: -125° to +40° Yaw: -320° to +320° Roll: ±55°

ShareUAV - 100M PRO Photogrammetry Camera for DJI M300 Series

40.589,71 €