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DroneHarmony for DJI Dock

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Drone Harmony for DJI Dock

Drone Harmony for DJI Dock is the most powerful flight planning and management solution for the DJI Dock, providing unprecedented situational awareness, planning, and visualization capabilities for your Dock sites.

Plan, monitor & inspect in Full-3D with Drone Harmony and the DJI Dock

Data Security – Top Priority
Drone Harmony for DJI Dock was designed with the highest levels of data security in mind. In particular, the solution can easily be installed on your server (on-premise) or a private network.

Situational Awareness
Drone Harmony is the only system that provides full live feeds from multiple DJI Docks combined with an intuitive 3D interface. Track in real-time any critical parameter of each of your active missions and DJI Docks overlaid over a realistic virtual site representing your asset.

Flight Safety
Drone Harmony uniquely enables safe obstacle-avoiding flight planning based on custom 3D data and the unmatched ability to visualize the plans for review. Restrictions on executed flights can be imposed on user-defined no-fly zones and geofences.

Flight Planning & Management
Drone Harmony provides an industry-leading flight planning workflow with a combination of dozens of automated flight planning features with powerful plan adjustment tools. Planning features are tailored to address many use cases, including 2D and 3D mapping, terrain mapping, structure inspection, electric utility inspection, tower inspection, search and rescue, perimeter protection & patrol, solar inspection, methane detection, and more.

Image Data Management
Drone Harmony’s image data support is uniquely designed to easily browse captured drone data. Images are sorted by time, date, dock, and flights. They are automatically geolocated and overlaid in Map and 3D views.

Site & Dock Management
Drone Harmony is a true site management platform that manages multiple heterogeneous sites in one intuitive interface. Scaling your operations with Drone Harmony is as easy as adding a new site to your enterprise account.

Drone Harmony is the only solution for the DJI Dock that presents your DJI Dock sites in a FULL-3D environment, containing a rich variety of data types, from terrain models to point clouds.

Interactive full 3D interface
Drone Harmony's interactive full 3D interface allows users to plan their missions with unrivalled precision.
By visualising flight routes in a 3D environment, operators can make informed decisions, resulting in safer and more efficient drone operations.

Automated 3D mission planning
Automation is key to maximising efficiency, and Drone Harmony excels in this regard.
Automated 3D mission planning takes into account terrain, obstacles and mission objectives, ensuring that every flight is optimised for success.

Extensive product portfolio
The platform offers a wide range of drones and accessories, allowing users to choose the equipment that best suits their individual requirements and objectives.
This flexibility is invaluable for various industries, including agriculture, construction and public safety.

Public cloud - Private cloud - Local server deployment

Public Cloud
The software can be used in the DroneHarmony Public Cloud (AZURE) - this offers a very simple use of the software without having to use your own or complex IT infrastructure.

Private cloud
The option of private cloud use via an IT service provider selected by a preferred third-party provider offers more design options without having to provide the company's own IT.

On-premise solution - local server deployment
An on-premise solution is best suited for customers with special data protection requirements, e.g. for critical infrastructure.
This gives users full control over their data and thus reduces the risk of confidential information falling into the wrong Hands.

Multiple interfaces for maximum flexibility
Drone Harmony for DJI Dock is also characterised by the fact that it offers multiple interfaces and provides users with the flexibility they need to optimise their drone operations.

Open interfaces and data integration
The platform supports open interfaces and data integration and connects seamlessly with other systems and databases.
This level of integration allows users to utilise existing resources and make drone operations an integral part of their workflow.

Manual flight via joystick
For operators who require manual control, the platform enables manual flight via a joystick.
This option ensures that users have the freedom to take control when needed by combining automation with human expertise.

The customisability of the platform ensures that it can be adapted to the specific requirements of different industries and applications.

DroneHarmony for DJI Dock

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